Instant Memory Cleaner

Real-time free memory indicator included.
Real-time current memory details of your system are available anytime.
Instant Memory Cleaner is more effective in Windows Xp and if you want better results, the paging file of your System must be at least as large as the system’s physical memory.

- To Check your Paging File:
Go into the Control Panel.
Click on System.
Go to the Advanced Tab.
Under ‘Performance’ click ‘Settings’ then the Advanced Tab.
On the bottom you should see ‘Virtual Memory’ and a value. This is the value that must be at least as large as the physical memory of your system.
If the ‘Virtual Memory’ value is smaller than your system memory (with the ‘System managed size’ default option checked, this is rarely happened) and in order the Instant Memory Cleaner application to be more effective, click ‘Change’ and change the Min Virtual Memory to a number that is greater than your total system memory (Custom size > Initial size = Maximum size).
Click ‘Set’ and Reboot.