A tool for MySQL Database administration and development DreamCoder for MySQL Free Edition is a free graphical tool used to develop and administrate Mysql databases.

DreamCoder for MySQL Free Edition enhances productivity and simplifies your database development and administration process with a functionality and friendly GUI.

DreamCoder for MySQL supports all MySQL features including tables, views, procedures, functions, triggers, InnoDB Tables, foreign keys , UDFS, BLOB Types, etc. It also includes the most advanced options for data manipulation, execute queries, script execution and script exporting.

Here are some key features of “DreamCoder for MySQL Free Edition”:

· SSH Tunnel connection
· SSL connection
· Administration of project
· MDI Interface - Microsoft Office Style
· User Manager
· Report Designer - build powerful reports visually
· HTML Report Generator
· Object Description
· SQL History
· UDF Manager

· BLob Viewer
· Export Manager
· Connection manager
· Graphical TABLE status
· Graphical databases status
· Generate Table SQL
· SQL Autocomplete
· Constraint Manager
· Index Manager
· Graphical Session Monitor
· Foreign key support for InnoDB tables

Easy management of all MySQL objects
· Creating/Dropping databases
· Creating/Alter/Dropping tables
· Creating/Editing/Dropping index.
· Support of all MySQL TABLE types (including transaction-safe-tables)
· Creating/Editing/Dropping users
· Creating/Editing/Dropping foreing keys
· Support of all field types (including BLOBs)

SQL processing and watching tools
· Multiple SQL Editors
· Parameter Manager.
· Script Executing (SQL Script Editor)
· SQL Monitor
· Templates Options
· Powerful Print Metadata Module for creating customizable metadata reports
· Extracting metadata INTO text files or SQL Script editor
· Powerful User Manager for administering users and privileges

Powerful data manipulation tools
· Powerful BLOB Viewer/Editor with several types of viewing BLOB data
· Export data in to 14 popular formats like MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word , HTML, PDF.
· Import data from in 7 popular formats like MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, XML, TXT and CSV.
· Export data to SQL script as INSERT statement
· Advanced Grid Options. ( Copy and Paste records for Ms Excel)
· Grid Fileters.
· Grid Group, Sort and Summarize information.