Super Cow V1.0

Super Cow

Prehistory, briefly, is such: well-known villain professor To duriarti completed flight from the prison, where lifelong period for the sequential gloomy crime departed. It ran out, after hypnotizing guards and after sawing in two the chain, on which it sat. The gloomy reason of scoundrel thinks of differently from the reason of usual quick ZEK. Therefore first of all it by insidiousness took the peaceful farm, located in the solar valley - paradisiacal the place, where many tasty vegetables and fruits were reared. The innocent inhabitants of valley were undertaken in hostages. Professor, being abnormal, proved to be by large specialist in the part of genetics. It cloned two inhabitants of farm, pig and goat, and it made an army of clones, heartless cutthroats, completely to it devoted. Further intentions of professor are thus far misty, but ominous experiments in the cave laboratory continue.
Meanwhile, about the outrages, tvorimykh To duriarti, learns super-cow. Thus far the police, MCHS [EMERGENCY AND DISASTER RELIEF MINISTRY], FSB and other structures only begin to evaluate the scales of situation, super-cow already departed into the solar valley to rescue friends... Is such, briefly, prehistory.

Project super-cow was done by the command Of nevoSoft without the small two years. It does not have sense to speak, how much love and nerves were inserted in this game in order to gladden you. Artists and designers truly created miracles, creating unique play peace. Composer on the secret acknowledged that this is his best work. Programmers used the slyest and newest technologies. In this case, the game will work practically on any computer, including in your office. All characters in the game are three-dimensional and proanimirovany with the soul, emphasizing the individual nature of each. Subject pulls to the valuable cinema and is revealed by stage settings in the spirit Tarantino. Main heroes were supply with sounied by well-known actors. For example, the voice of super-cow belongs To dashe Of yurgens, to soratnitse of Sergey bodrov on the film brother -2. The chicken Of nikki wired for sound Fedor mashanov, by all known according to mul6t- Heath "in the searches Nemo" (voice of small fish Nemo). Developers are assured that this is the best game in the genre of platformerov, from those existing today.


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