Airport Tycoon 3

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The RenderWare-based graphics engine allows for much more detailed buildings and airplanes than in earlier Airport Tycoon games. However, it still suffers from relatively bland textures, as well as the fact that there's just not much to look at. Occasionally a plane lands and takes off, and some cars mill about on the roads, but there's no sense of energy or busyness that you expect at an airport. When you accelerate the game to the fastest setting, the sun rises and sets so quickly that it's like watching time-lapse photography. However, the illusion is shattered by the fact that the planes remain in real time. Instead of watching dozens of flights land and take off over the course of a day, you're lucky to see a single flight come in every week or so. Moreover, the game has a peculiar problem with scale. For instance, refueling trucks are sometimes 10 times larger than the planes they refuel. If a developer is going to bother with a 3D engine, there's no excuse for not keeping things relatively scaled.

Considering that this series has survived to Airport Tycoon 3, we can only imagine that there'll eventually be an Airport Tycoon 4 one day. Hopefully, the developers will finally figure out the game that they're trying to make by then. There's a lot of potential in Airport Tycoon 3, and it's frustrating to see it wasted.

Start game as usual. During gameplay press tilde to go to console,
then enter the following cheats followed by ENTER:

Code: Description:
DoEarthquake Invoke Eartquake
MassDrop Get Huge Airport
INeedCash Get 100.000.000 extra money
DoTornado Invoke Tornado
SetBudget xxx Get xxx extra money
SetCash xxx get xxx extra money
HideGame Hide Game
ShowGame Unhide Gam

Requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP, Pentium III 800 MHz or faster, 256 MB RAM, 600 MB free hard disk space, DirectX 8.1

Terragame Award 2006: The Best Tycoon game.


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